On this website you will find regular referrals to customization, either small or big. That is because we understand that components off the shelf (COTS) may leave a space between the real requirements and the characteristics of those products.

The DISvue® sales team and its supporting suppliers and factories are always willing to help you investigate if a customized product or system will serve you better. The options and additional features depend on the product of choice. DISvue supports projects big and small and will try to find a supplier that is willing to get involved under the right conditions.

Custom design goes for our entire product line:

  • LED and LED display
  • OLED display, mono / color, COG / COB
  • LCD panel, alphanumeric and graphic
  • TFT display, including smart displays
  • Touch solutions, including the controller IC / PCB
  • Interface solutions
  • Monitor and Tablets
  • Digital Signage systems

Please check our Showcases page for projects we were involved in.