Digital Signage

Digital Signage is all about user or customer interaction and satisfaction.

The systems are widely found in retail (advertising), public areas and buildings (visitor guidance info systems), hospitals (patient infotainment systems) and hotels / offices for reservations. And of course all the info and payment terminals in restaurants as well as advertisement outside (of restaurants). All of these fields have their own specific demand toward the interactive system.

Digital Signage systems range from relatively small types (about 7~8 inch) up to 80+ inch.

The smaller ones are for table top applications like reception desks and restaurant tables, but are also found in retail to advertise a specific display or shelf location. They are also used for entertainment systems in waiting rooms.

The larger types are in general for public information and interaction systems which can be found in libraries / schools, governmental buildings, museums, access control systems and POI / POS (e.g. an interactive sign next to showroom cars).

The large ones are commonly used for advertising in large public areas like shopping mall, bus and railway stations, gas stations and airports. Depending on the requirements DISvue® suppliers offer a total solution including:

  • Display optimalization
  • Touch integration
  • CPU selection (ARM / Intel®)
  • Memory (solid state)
  • Operating System
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Mounting brackets
  • Camera / microphone / speakers
  • Proximity sensor
  • Power options (PoE / adapter / power cable)

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