For the interfacing there is a main focus on TFT displays and touchscreens. Most TFT displays are used in a system that has some sort host (main board) with integrated CPU (either ARM or Intel based). When the has no direct display driving capabilities but is fitted with the more common VGA / DVI or HDMI port, DISvue® has a total package of interface boards, either integrated or separate from the display or touchscreen.
The display interface boards are available with straight forward conversion from e.g. VGA to LVDS or for example from HDMI to eDP. The high end boards offer interfacing to high resolution screens up to 4K or even 8K displays and multi-output for dual or other multiple screen control.

Under the DISvue® brand label we have a selection of factories that have developed their own interface boards that fit behind the display. This may be a microprocessor solution or a direct plug & play HDMI interface with touch interface option.

For touchscreen control an interface board may be necessary. Not all touchscreens (especially larger ones) come with COF (controller on flex) and some need a dedicated interface in order to be operational under more challenging conditions. Touch controller boards can be beneficial when:

  • The size of the screen is too large to be operated directly via one controller chip;
  • The touchscreen is used behind a thick frontglass (e.g. more than 5mm thickness);
  • The touchscreen is used with worker gloves or
  • It is operated in wet conditions (like outdoor or maritime applications). 

One of the most trusted brands for touch controllers, either resistive as well as capacitive touch controllers, is EETI. This Taiwan based electronics company has a long and trustworthy reputation in hardware (controller ICs) and with the software (drivers) including specific Firmware developments. They also have a long history of fine tuning their controllers and support custom design on a daily basis.