In many applications LEDs are used since the products itself are easy to use, need relative simple interfacing and have great optical performance with a very wide to ultra wide temperature range. LED can operate in both indoor and outdoor applications and have the ability to be used in handheld (battery operated) applications.


Given the above, DISvue works with factories in South East Asia to support all sorts of developments for medium and large quantity solutions. Although we can offer the whole range of LED products we mostly focus on LED backlights and LED displays. The LED displays (segmented types) can be procured with (projected) touch option. Several of our suppliers excel in low profile types.


The looks can differ per product in face color (often gray or black) and LED color. The main colors are red, green, blue and yellow but by mixing LED types other colors can be achieved.

Either the display is fitted with a single color type, versions with dual or even multi-color type are available, depending on the application needs. Many of the more unique products are either with pin, PCB or (flex) tail, all suitable for SMD or SMT assembly.


Customized solutions are greatly supported by most factories at affordable cost and quick turn-around times. There are solutions available with an integrated controller for both the display as well as the touch.