Coming from the consumer market, tablets are also available in a ruggedized housing. The smaller types always rely on Android OS, but the larger versions allow either Windows OS and/or Android. Windows is adapted by the industrial market to easy interface with the network where as Android prevails in the consumer (alike) applications. For Wall-mount tablets, also see Digital Signage.

    Consumer types specifications:

    • Compact and attractive design
    • Standard brightness
    • Many features as a standard
    • Touch intergrated
    • Android OS
    • Limited options
    • Wifi / BT
    • 4G/5G / GPS / Gyro
    • Multi-language support

    Industrial types specifications:

    • Rugged metal design
    • Different brightness options
    • Standard features limited
    • Touch interface optional, but with stronger cover glass and optical bonding
    • Android OS or Windows OS selectable
    • Many upgrades
    • 4G/5G / GPS / Gyro
    • PoE enabled (option)
    • Expendable memory options
    • Multi-language support

    Wall-mount types specifications:

    • Easy integration design
    • All-around multi-color LED light option
    • Standard features and diverse option program
    • PoE option
    • Multiple port interfaces
    • Normal and medium brightness
    • RFID / NFC and fingerprint reader option (depending on model)
    • Single mic / dual mic
    • Multi-language support

    Wall-mount types are usually easier to customize because the housing is a bit more spacious.