Available in all sorts of versions and shapes, either small or very large and with or without touchscreen. At DISvue® we make a distinction between monitors based on their final use of application:

  • (Semi-) industrial purpose
  • Consumer purpose
  • Medical purpose
  • Military purpose

The industrial types often have a rugged design with metal casing. The brightness varies from normal brightness (ca. 250 nits) to high brightness (up to 1.000 nits) and full high brightness (more than 1.000 nits). Industrial types find their way into transportation applications, for example truck terminals or hydraulic control systems.

The shape is mostly rectangular (4:3 / 5:4 ratio up to 16:9 / 16:10 or very wide screens) and in some cases they are full square.

We support consumer (desktop) monitors with and without touch. Especially the curved versions attract a lot of attention and allow designers to develop a round sphere of monitors linked together (e.g. for simulators and digital signage). Some customers use the desktop version with touch on a rails in musical instruments.

The medical type of monitor is truly special because of all the certifications they need to be allowed to be used in operating rooms or as a patient monitor at the bed. The monitors are less sensitive to interference and spilling of fluids and the panels are high grade top brand types with very high contrast and low reflectance.

The military monitors are extremely rugged and dependable. In combat vehicles and ships there is no easy maintenance available and the monitor must be able to endure shock, vibration and high/low temperatures. Often they come with function keys around the viewing area of the display inside for easy integration and functionality.