As mentioned on the LCD page, there is a difference between “passive matrix” types (often referred to as LCD) and “active matrix” which is commonly known as TFT. Per pixel a transistor is assigned for controlling the state (on/off). That is the advantage and also a bit of a disadvantage of TFT. The speed (response time) and viewing angles are much improved. On the other hand the driving itself is more complex and requires more resources like processor capacity and memory.

Be that as it may, there are now many different lower cost solutions to drive a TFT directly or indirectly. Ultimate small “computers” like Raspberry Pi are filling the gap, but many of our suppliers can also provide an easy to integrate product that need only simplified signals and power to work as a sort of stand-alone display system.

TFT will remain one of the leading display technologies in market share and availability, technology and volume. The image quality is still improving (IPS / AFFS) and the price is competitive to LCD and OLED.
Since TFT is basically an LCD technology (with more color capacity, faster response time and far wider viewing angles), it does in most cases need an LED backlight. There are some products available with transflective technology but this is usually for smaller sizes and there is limited supply.

TFT key features:

  • Wide palette of available products and sizes, e.g. bar-shaped and round;
  • Available in small size (less than 1 inch up to 100+ inch)
  • Available in standard, semi-custom and full custom design;
  • Fast response time, high contrast, wide color spectrum;
  • Wide viewing angles for MVA and IPS / AFFS technology;
  • Wide temperature range (up to -40°C ~ +85°C;
  • Off-the-shelf touch solutions, mostly PCAP technology;
  • Available with integrated controller/driver IC or interface board;
  • Available with PCB design for easy install / easy integration

There are more options and functionalities which is different per project requirements. For more information please feel free to send us your wish list.

Recently we have been in touch with a Taiwanese supplier that offers a very special kind of TFT, referred to as NVIS. These displays are visible when using night vision goggles. The line-up starts as a standard from 21.5 inch onto larger sized and are targeted to the Avionics market. Special requirement and other sizes are up for negotiation.

DISvue® has a line of SMART TFT displays with and without enclosures. They are capable of functioning basically as an independent system.

The Intelligent Series products have more powerful hardware in terms of MCU, Flash storage and SRAM compared with Basic Series and Enhanced Series.

What makes a SMART display:

  • Support Video, Animation, Audio Resource
  • Support PNG Picture Resource with Transparent Info
  • New Components (ComboBox, SLText, Gmov, Video, Switch, EXPicture)
  • Component Transparency Attribute
  • Component and Page Loading Effect
  • Component Move and Drag at Runtime
  • Support Anti-aliasing Fonts